Improve outcomes and reduce costs for patients with chronic disease

Chronic conditions are expensive

As the rates of chronic conditions escalate, the financial toll continues to soar.

$2.7 trillion is spent on chronic care each year

That’s nearly 86% of the country’s total healthcare spending, with more than half related to exacerbations and preventable complications.

117 million people have a chronic health condition in the U.S.

Cardiovascular disease and diabetes alone cost $365.7 billion in direct medical cost.

80% of individuals aged 65 and older have at least one chronic disease.

In 2030, this population will double to a total of over 70 million, adding significant strain on the health care system.

Medication errors can lead to severe complications

Managing chronic conditions is complex, requiring actionable insights and proactive care.

Challenging diseases

40-80% of all information is forgotten by patients.

Poor retention

Less than 50% of patients correctly remember info & instructions.

Limited support

Three months is the average time a patient goes without seeing a doctor.


Thousands of dollars are spent on preventable costs per patient per year.

Streamline treatment, minimize errors, and increase revenue by connecting patients and providers

DoseDr is a hands-off solution that connects patients with physicians 24/7 and supplies providers with the documentation required for telemedicine billing.

Patient Support

  • Simplified instructions
  • Injection support
  • Medication reminders
  • Log and display

Provider Support

  • Stay connected
  • Data reviewed
  • Providers standing by
  • Dose adjustments

Learn how DoseDr can improve your practice

Chat or email to find out how you can improve outcomes, increase revenue and reduce costs.

What’s included in the brochure:

  • Overview of the DoseDr telemedicine technology
  • Details about our patient & provider services
  • How to implement DoseDr in your organization

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